Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

The Orb of Dragonkind



After using a Teleport spell to escape from the Broken Lands, something went really wrong: the heroes went to a mysterious desert. Jerome, Eric, Lorne and their hostage started to follow a dry riverbed, trying to find some place safe.

After some time, and tired to walk, the heroes make a plan: Eric would polimorph the hostage into a flying creature and he would search for a safe destination. No need to say that the hostage escaped, never to be seen again. They repeated the plan, this time, using Lorne as the one to be polimorphed. He flew over the desert and found a big city around 10 days of walking and an oasis by some hours of walking.

Decided to rest and restock water and food, the three of them went to the oasis. There, they found a small building with a well disguised into an Obelisk. A little time later, they got surprised by a young Blue Dragon, who attacked ferociously.

The battle almost resulted in casualties, but the heroes were capable of beating the huge beast. After that, they decided to search for the dragon’s lair and its treasure. Exploring the lake in the middle of Oasis, they found the entrance.

With their pockets full of coins and gems, they decide to run from the “Day without Magic” inside the Dragon’s Lair. They rested for about 2 nights and part for the nearest city.

Shadow over the Empire pt. 3



Because of the high number of soldiers, the heroes were defeated by the soldiers on the Broken Lands. Durkon, the dwarven cleric, is taken as hostage and has his hair and beard shaved in humiliation by the evil prejudiced soldiers. Unable to contain himself watching the scene, Parov the fighter goes on a rampage and attack the soldiers to help his friends and, again, is killed. The ones that remained alive had their equipment stolen.

Jerome and Lorne wander through the road, without any equipment and provisions, waiting for their deaths when suddenly they met a caravan. They were a couple of merchants, and their names were Marta (an old woman with a friend face) and Carmona (a very muscled man). They shelter the heroes and give them some equipment so they can rescue their captive friend. They both reveal themselves as Hutaakans who travel disguised to avoid problems with the prejudiced soldiers of the Broken Lands.

In a spy mission, Jerome and Lorne were able to rescue his dwarven friend and a gnome wizard who was also captive. Running as fast as they could, the heroes joined Marta and Carmona on their travel to Republic of Darokin. They arrive in Corlunglain a few days later and reequip. They say goodbye to their Hutaakan friends and pay for a Teleport to Karameikos.

In Karameikos, the heroes were admonished by Estela and Adriana because they failed on an important mission and because they lost their equipment, which would help the soldiers to identify the members in a secret mission, which would cause a diplomatic incident. Adriana and Estela order the heroes in an URGENT mission to recover their equipments.

Without any mistakes, the heroes traveled through teleport to the Broken Lands again, recovered their equipment and took one soldier as a proof for the Duchy of Karameikos.

Shadow over the Empire pt. 2



Still in Enoch’s Tower, the heroes found a magic mirror. Trapped inside it, there was their old friend Lea Pathsteader, the elf who was searching for her daughter. In one of Enoch’s annotations, the heroes also discover a name: Shulluth. Furthermore, there is a clue that Enoch was imprisioning people with his mirror and sending them to somewhere on the Broken Lands. With this, Lea goes in search of this Shulluth and her missing daughter.

On the day after that, the heroes met Adiana Karameikos and Estella Whitehall, ambassadress of Republic of Darokin. They give more details about the heroes’ new secret quest:

They must go to the frontier of Darokin and the Broken Lands to investigate the sudden organization and the source of equipments of the humanoids inhabiting there. They also must keep the mission a secret, making everything to not be spotted by any of the patrols and not engaging in combat.

As everyone know, an adventurer CAN’T be far from a good fight. When they arrive on the Broken Lands, they found a regiment along the road. The very prejudiced soldiers tried to take the dwarven cleric as a prisioner, which resulted in a bloodbath on the road.

Shadow over the Empire



On the ship’s basement, the heroes and Elsia, who showed up as an ally, met a Druid. He was commanding sea creatures to sink the ship. The fight was really tough, resulting in a death: After receiving a critical strike from one of the creature’s axes, Parov lost all his hit points and died. Luckily, the remaining heroes manage to expel the evil druid out of the ship.

After the goodbyes, Elsia return to her underwater village. She was a Siren investigating the Druid actions. Through the use of magic scrolls and a magic ritual, Lorne is able to teleport the Ship and everyone else back to Specularum.

Lydia, the royal wizard, offers a donation to revive Parov. In exchange, she asks the heroes to accomplish a quest near Karameikos borders. They also must work together with a female warrior (In fact, a rogue who hides her main abilities) called Luca.

As they were in no condition to refuse the offer, the heroes must go to the wild borders of the Duchy, in search for information about the monsters living there. Mysteriously, the creatures are organized and very well equipped.

Before the trip to the frontier lands, the heroes and their new friend decided to investigate Enoch’s Tower one more time. With the very specific help of their new friend, they manage to easily invade the tower and kill the evil wizard once for all.

The Black Eagle Barony


The battle against Phill have destroyed the city temple. So, trying to reorganize everything, Durkon, the cleric stays to help out the rebuilt. Parov, the fighter, goes to the city guard to tell everything he knows about Phill, the Red Jewel and the missing people in Glantri and Karameikos.

When he returns to the tavern, to have a little rest, he met the elf Lea Pathsteader, who tell more about what she discovered about the whereabouts of her daughter. Jerome, the paladin and Lorne, the sorcerer join the party to investigate about the missing people in Glantri and Karameikos.

Lea say that her searches lead her to a new religious sect called: The Elected. The Elected will have a meeting in two days, which gives the heroes some time off. So, before investigating the sect, the heroes manage to get an Audience with Adriana Karameikos, daughter of the Duke. She informs that the Red Jewel is actually an Orb of Dragonkind, a very powerful artifact. She confiscate the Orb because of the danger it represents and ask the heroes to investigate a missing Cargo Ship that was going to Ierendi and suddenly disappeared

Before going on the Missing Ship Quest, the heroes investigated the Elected reunion. There they met Enoch, an old prophet that used his powerful words to charm everyone around. He gather the fisherman and other poor persons to serve his cause. Charmed by his words, the heroes are unable to try anything.

On the day after, Adriana Karameikos calls the royal mage, an elf called Lydia to take the heroes to the missing ship. Through a teleport spell, the heroes are able to arrive on the Ship, what was absolutely empty. A rotten smell hung in the air and a beautiful song could be heard echoing through the ship. After exploring the ship for a while, the heroes found a beautiful girl, who was also exploring the ship. Her name was Elsia.

The Theft of Boldavian Wine pt.2



Phil, the mysterious merchant, uses magical means to force Parov, the fighter, to go on a dangerous search mission. In exchange, he offers one of his bottles of Boldavian Wine. Shortly thereafter, the heroes set off to the underground tunnels below Phil’s Store in search for a big red jewel. Phil also warns them about the “House-dog”.

In the undergrounds, the heroes were attacked by some undead creatures. After a while, they arrive to what seems to be the tomb of a knight. Without a clue of what was happening, the heroes were confronted by the Knight’s ghost. He warns the heroes about the gem, and how it can change the destiny of all existence, if it gets in wrong hands. He order the heroes to deliver the gem to Alfheim, so it can be protected by it’s own creators.

Back on the surface, heroes listen to a conversation between Phil and a pretty lady with long black hair. She is charging for more efficiency in the search for the jewel. After running from Phil and the lady in a tough chase through the city night, Phil reveals himself as a Vampire and is defeated in combat. The beautiful woman disappear right after his servant dies…

The Theft of Boldavian Wine



A dwarven cleric and his travel buddy Parov, an ex blacksmith of Thyatyan army were hired to escort a gnomish caravan from Darokin to Specularun, capital city of the Gran Duchy of Karameikos.

Along the way, the caravan was attacked by some Beast Man, who were running after an elf called Lea Pathsteader. She tell her rescuers that she was traveling from Glantri to Karameikos in search of her missing daughter.

She also tells that there are other people disappearing in Glantri and also in Karameikos.

Arriving in Specularum, our heroes are hired by Bolgo, the same gnome who has hired them as escorts, to recover a precious cargo that disappeared in no more than 24h. That precious cargo is a bottle of a mysterious Boldavian Wine.

The search lead both the Cleric and the Fighter to a place called Phill’s Stuff.


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