Hello stranger,

My name is Daniel, but players usually call me by the term Dungeon Master. This is my Campaign’s Page, and here I’ll try to keep a log about everything that happens during our adventures.
The main language here will be Brazilian Portuguese, but I will do everything I can to keep translations or at least summaries of what’s happening with us. Do you want to know how does a Brazilian game work? Do you want to know how do we play RPG? Maybe we have a lot in common, maybe we play in a completely different way. But, you will only know if you keep an eye here.

About the Campaign

This is a story about my favorite campaign world: Mystara. My players are not used to everything this amazing place has to offer, so the main concept behind my story is to present them this world. Of course sometimes things usually don’t go as planned, as we are talking about RPG.


My main reference and influence for this game is the game Mystara Chronicles, that is actually an anthology of my favorite games: Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara. I think these games do a wonderful job presenting the scenario to younger audiences, and that’s why you will see a lot of famous NPCs, sub plots and narrative tools. I really hope you enjoy it.

Welcome to the world of Dungeons & Dragons

Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

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