Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

Shadow over the Empire




On the ship’s basement, the heroes and Elsia, who showed up as an ally, met a Druid. He was commanding sea creatures to sink the ship. The fight was really tough, resulting in a death: After receiving a critical strike from one of the creature’s axes, Parov lost all his hit points and died. Luckily, the remaining heroes manage to expel the evil druid out of the ship.

After the goodbyes, Elsia return to her underwater village. She was a Siren investigating the Druid actions. Through the use of magic scrolls and a magic ritual, Lorne is able to teleport the Ship and everyone else back to Specularum.

Lydia, the royal wizard, offers a donation to revive Parov. In exchange, she asks the heroes to accomplish a quest near Karameikos borders. They also must work together with a female warrior (In fact, a rogue who hides her main abilities) called Luca.

As they were in no condition to refuse the offer, the heroes must go to the wild borders of the Duchy, in search for information about the monsters living there. Mysteriously, the creatures are organized and very well equipped.

Before the trip to the frontier lands, the heroes and their new friend decided to investigate Enoch’s Tower one more time. With the very specific help of their new friend, they manage to easily invade the tower and kill the evil wizard once for all.


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