Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

Shadow over the Empire pt. 2




Still in Enoch’s Tower, the heroes found a magic mirror. Trapped inside it, there was their old friend Lea Pathsteader, the elf who was searching for her daughter. In one of Enoch’s annotations, the heroes also discover a name: Shulluth. Furthermore, there is a clue that Enoch was imprisioning people with his mirror and sending them to somewhere on the Broken Lands. With this, Lea goes in search of this Shulluth and her missing daughter.

On the day after that, the heroes met Adiana Karameikos and Estella Whitehall, ambassadress of Republic of Darokin. They give more details about the heroes’ new secret quest:

They must go to the frontier of Darokin and the Broken Lands to investigate the sudden organization and the source of equipments of the humanoids inhabiting there. They also must keep the mission a secret, making everything to not be spotted by any of the patrols and not engaging in combat.

As everyone know, an adventurer CAN’T be far from a good fight. When they arrive on the Broken Lands, they found a regiment along the road. The very prejudiced soldiers tried to take the dwarven cleric as a prisioner, which resulted in a bloodbath on the road.


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