Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

Shadow over the Empire pt. 3




Because of the high number of soldiers, the heroes were defeated by the soldiers on the Broken Lands. Durkon, the dwarven cleric, is taken as hostage and has his hair and beard shaved in humiliation by the evil prejudiced soldiers. Unable to contain himself watching the scene, Parov the fighter goes on a rampage and attack the soldiers to help his friends and, again, is killed. The ones that remained alive had their equipment stolen.

Jerome and Lorne wander through the road, without any equipment and provisions, waiting for their deaths when suddenly they met a caravan. They were a couple of merchants, and their names were Marta (an old woman with a friend face) and Carmona (a very muscled man). They shelter the heroes and give them some equipment so they can rescue their captive friend. They both reveal themselves as Hutaakans who travel disguised to avoid problems with the prejudiced soldiers of the Broken Lands.

In a spy mission, Jerome and Lorne were able to rescue his dwarven friend and a gnome wizard who was also captive. Running as fast as they could, the heroes joined Marta and Carmona on their travel to Republic of Darokin. They arrive in Corlunglain a few days later and reequip. They say goodbye to their Hutaakan friends and pay for a Teleport to Karameikos.

In Karameikos, the heroes were admonished by Estela and Adriana because they failed on an important mission and because they lost their equipment, which would help the soldiers to identify the members in a secret mission, which would cause a diplomatic incident. Adriana and Estela order the heroes in an URGENT mission to recover their equipments.

Without any mistakes, the heroes traveled through teleport to the Broken Lands again, recovered their equipment and took one soldier as a proof for the Duchy of Karameikos.


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