Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

The Black Eagle Barony



The battle against Phill have destroyed the city temple. So, trying to reorganize everything, Durkon, the cleric stays to help out the rebuilt. Parov, the fighter, goes to the city guard to tell everything he knows about Phill, the Red Jewel and the missing people in Glantri and Karameikos.

When he returns to the tavern, to have a little rest, he met the elf Lea Pathsteader, who tell more about what she discovered about the whereabouts of her daughter. Jerome, the paladin and Lorne, the sorcerer join the party to investigate about the missing people in Glantri and Karameikos.

Lea say that her searches lead her to a new religious sect called: The Elected. The Elected will have a meeting in two days, which gives the heroes some time off. So, before investigating the sect, the heroes manage to get an Audience with Adriana Karameikos, daughter of the Duke. She informs that the Red Jewel is actually an Orb of Dragonkind, a very powerful artifact. She confiscate the Orb because of the danger it represents and ask the heroes to investigate a missing Cargo Ship that was going to Ierendi and suddenly disappeared

Before going on the Missing Ship Quest, the heroes investigated the Elected reunion. There they met Enoch, an old prophet that used his powerful words to charm everyone around. He gather the fisherman and other poor persons to serve his cause. Charmed by his words, the heroes are unable to try anything.

On the day after, Adriana Karameikos calls the royal mage, an elf called Lydia to take the heroes to the missing ship. Through a teleport spell, the heroes are able to arrive on the Ship, what was absolutely empty. A rotten smell hung in the air and a beautiful song could be heard echoing through the ship. After exploring the ship for a while, the heroes found a beautiful girl, who was also exploring the ship. Her name was Elsia.


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