Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

The Orb of Dragonkind



After using a Teleport spell to escape from the Broken Lands, something went really wrong: the heroes went to a mysterious desert. Jerome, Eric, Lorne and their hostage started to follow a dry riverbed, trying to find some place safe.

After some time, and tired to walk, the heroes make a plan: Eric would polimorph the hostage into a flying creature and he would search for a safe destination. No need to say that the hostage escaped, never to be seen again. They repeated the plan, this time, using Lorne as the one to be polimorphed. He flew over the desert and found a big city around 10 days of walking and an oasis by some hours of walking.

Decided to rest and restock water and food, the three of them went to the oasis. There, they found a small building with a well disguised into an Obelisk. A little time later, they got surprised by a young Blue Dragon, who attacked ferociously.

The battle almost resulted in casualties, but the heroes were capable of beating the huge beast. After that, they decided to search for the dragon’s lair and its treasure. Exploring the lake in the middle of Oasis, they found the entrance.

With their pockets full of coins and gems, they decide to run from the “Day without Magic” inside the Dragon’s Lair. They rested for about 2 nights and part for the nearest city.


The hostage escape sounds like fun! I can image the relief of this npc and the astonished heroes looking him going. Hahaha
I hope they meet again soon!

The Orb of Dragonkind
carecuxo carecuxo

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