Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

The Theft of Boldavian Wine




A dwarven cleric and his travel buddy Parov, an ex blacksmith of Thyatyan army were hired to escort a gnomish caravan from Darokin to Specularun, capital city of the Gran Duchy of Karameikos.

Along the way, the caravan was attacked by some Beast Man, who were running after an elf called Lea Pathsteader. She tell her rescuers that she was traveling from Glantri to Karameikos in search of her missing daughter.

She also tells that there are other people disappearing in Glantri and also in Karameikos.

Arriving in Specularum, our heroes are hired by Bolgo, the same gnome who has hired them as escorts, to recover a precious cargo that disappeared in no more than 24h. That precious cargo is a bottle of a mysterious Boldavian Wine.

The search lead both the Cleric and the Fighter to a place called Phill’s Stuff.


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