Mystara Chronicles (Crônicas de Mystara)

The Theft of Boldavian Wine pt.2




Phil, the mysterious merchant, uses magical means to force Parov, the fighter, to go on a dangerous search mission. In exchange, he offers one of his bottles of Boldavian Wine. Shortly thereafter, the heroes set off to the underground tunnels below Phil’s Store in search for a big red jewel. Phil also warns them about the “House-dog”.

In the undergrounds, the heroes were attacked by some undead creatures. After a while, they arrive to what seems to be the tomb of a knight. Without a clue of what was happening, the heroes were confronted by the Knight’s ghost. He warns the heroes about the gem, and how it can change the destiny of all existence, if it gets in wrong hands. He order the heroes to deliver the gem to Alfheim, so it can be protected by it’s own creators.

Back on the surface, heroes listen to a conversation between Phil and a pretty lady with long black hair. She is charging for more efficiency in the search for the jewel. After running from Phil and the lady in a tough chase through the city night, Phil reveals himself as a Vampire and is defeated in combat. The beautiful woman disappear right after his servant dies…


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